Nourishing Anti-Bacterial Hand Washes - Vegan Friendly

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Fabulous Vegan friendly anti-bacterial hand wash which leaves your hands feeling deeply nourished and germ free.

A clear, alcohol free, natural hand wash which leaves hands feeling deeply cleansed and nourished - not dry.

Combine with our range of anti-bacterial hand moisturisers for extra cleanliness and softness.

Perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. Free from parabens, vegan friendly

Available in a choice of 3 scents:

Champagne & Spice - This exquisite scent is musky, spicy, sensual, sophisticated and utterly compelling.

Lime & Mango - The tropical scent of Hawaii encapsulates this fresh, zesty scent. Perfect for awakening your senses.

Rum & Blackcurrant - Inspired by the pacific islands, this scent takes to a sun kissed beach with its sweet fruit holiday aroma.

Available in 2 Sizes - Small or Large


Small - D: 5cm, H: 14.5cm, W:5cm / 150ml glass dispenser

Large - D: 6cm, H: 16.5cm, W:6cm / 250ml glass dispenser


Part of our Bath and Body Range